Ludwig qualified as a dentist in 1996 and practiced for over 10 years in Cape Town and London. During this time he developed a keen interest in clinical hypnotherapy.


After completing a course at the University College London, his career focus shifted completely to that of clinical hypnotherapy.


Ludwig attained the Australian Government accredited Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Strategic Psychotherapy at the Institute of Applied Psychology (formerly Australian Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy).

He is a registered member of the Australian Hypnotherapy Association which is affiliated with the H.C.A.


Although he does not practice dentistry in Australia, he has firsthand knowledge of the psychological aspects related to health , both for clinicians and clients. He can utilise clinical hypnotherapy as an instrument to assist clients with the psychological aspect relating to a condition. Please note that a formal diagnosis by a registered clinician is required prior to hypnotherapy for health related matters e.g. chronic pain.


Ludwig’s interests are not limited to the evidence based application of hypnotherapy in the  medical field. Hypnotherapy has a vast range of possibilities, all depending on which area the client seeks improvement and insight.


During individualised, tailor-made sessions, one of his aims is to assist clients to reconnect to their inner

-often forgotten-  resources with strategic, modern,  solution-oriented Ericksonian hypnotherapy. Unhelpful thought processes in the problem space are explored, and more productive insights can shift the focus to being better.


He is of the opinion that we are only at the start of realising how effective hypnotherapy can be. Advanced technology (e.g. MRI studies) and evidence based research indicate the positive impact the hypnotic experience can have on various aspects of the client’s body, mind and outlook.


Ludwig strongly encourages his clients to wholeheartedly participate in their self discovery and to implement new techniques of change.

How Strategic Individualised Hypnotherapy can be helpful

Examples of areas where individualised, strategic hypnotherapy sessions can be effective and to guide you to :

  • Become better at handling chronic pain with a different approach.

  • Improving your social skills, life-skills and mental agility e.g. shyness, social withdrawal, negative self talk.

  • Adjusting to changing life circumstances e.g. coping with and reducing anxiety in a particular situation.

  • Preparing yourself for challenging life events e.g. exam stress.

  • Improved personal & professional performance skills e.g. How to combat fatigue or burnout.

  • Helping you to identify and discover new insights about how you approach a problem in your life, where you can learn and improve skills to manage situations better.

  • Assisting you to discover your thought processes that might not be helpful in the context of a challenge.

  • Rediscover or explore your inner resources that can be of assistance to you in the problem space.

  • Learn to be aware of the control you have to be better at  e.g. lifestyle, diet, unwanted habits, substance use.

  • Negotiate your life-choices more effectively.

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