How Strategic Individualised Hypnotherapy can be helpful

Examples of areas where individualised, strategic hypnotherapy sessions can be effective and to guide you to :

  • Become better at handling chronic pain with a different approach.

  • Improving your social skills, life-skills and mental agility e.g. shyness, social withdrawal, negative self talk.

  • Adjusting to changing life circumstances e.g. coping with and reducing anxiety in a particular situation.

  • Preparing yourself for challenging life events e.g. exam stress.

  • Improved personal & professional performance skills e.g. How to combat fatigue or burnout.

  • Helping you to identify and discover new insights about how you ‘tackle a problem in your life, where you can learn and improve skills to manage situations better.

  • Assisting you to discover your thought processes that might not be helpful in the context of a challenge.

  • Rediscover or explore your inner resources that can be of assistance to you in the problem space.

  • Learn to be aware of the control you have to be better at  e.g. lifestyle, diet, unwanted habits, substance use.

  • Negotiate your life-choices more effectively.

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